If there was a fall from grace, it was a fall out of rhythm. The order of the universe is rhythmic, and we have a psychic and physiological need to be in sync with the earth’s cycles.
– Layne Redmond, author of: When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm



Deb offers very personalized mentoring packages to support you as you explore your own abilities to connect with your spirit helpers, communicate with animals and the rest of nature, and deepen your relationship with the natural world.

Shamanic-style Guidance Sessions and Retreats

If you are interested in privately exploring your connection with Earth, gaining guidance from the spirit world, or if you would like to extend and personalize your workshop experience with us, an individual session is the perfect option for you.


Through Wild Rhythms, Deb offers a variety of workshops to help participants increase awareness, experience the outdoors, and deepen their connection to Spirit and the earth. These workshops are available upon request for groups and organizations. Additionally, workshops are periodically offered for the public.

Professional Development Trainings

Drawing on 15 years of experience in environmental education, these trainings are designed for educators. Heralding from sense of place work, ecopsychology, natural history, the arts, experiential education, and various spiritual modalities, these trainings act both as a personal retreat and a professional development opportunity.

Presentations and Gatherings

Deb has a strong background in offering presentations in various settings, casual to professional. Combining inspirational content with academic research, these presentations are both informative and transformational.