Wild Rhythms offers personalized mentoring for those of you interested in deepening your connection to Earth and your own unique spiritual path.

Mentoring sessions are for those wishing to explore:Friends at sunset

  • Personal connection to Earth and its inhabitants
  • Shamanic-style Animal Communication
  • Nature Communication
  • Developing your own ability to experience shamanic-style journeys
  • Enriching your awareness of (and connection to) the sacredness of life
  • Reconnecting with your wild self

Mentoring sessions are very unique and organic in nature.  They can include shamanic-style journeys, conversations, and personalized nature-connection activities.  We will work together to establish your dreams, visions, and goals and make the program fit you.  This is definitely not a “one size fits all” process, but rather a very individualized journey.

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Sessions typically take place on the phone and usually last around an hour.  Occasionally, we may decide to meet in person which can be a lovely addition to regular mentoring sessions.  In this case, scheduling and cost will be considered individually.



Four mentoring packages are available:

  • 1 Month Package – Consists of 3 sessions, $240
  • 3 Month Package – Consists of 9 sessions, $675
  • 6 Month Package – Consists of 18 sessions, $1170
  • 12 Month Package – Consists of 36 sessions, $2160

If you are interested in mentoring, please contact Deb first to set up a free initial phone call (15-20 minutes).  This will allow us to make sure this program is a good fit for you before you enroll.

To purchase and schedule mentoring sessions, please see the online scheduler at

Deb possesses a deeply authentic spiritual and interpersonal gift, and she brings her offerings with such integrity and rooted passion. Her mentorship has impacted my life in the most profound way! With her guidance, I rediscovered an empowerment and confidence in navigating my life in co-creation with spirit. My spiritual circle of support has widened and access to the well of inner resources deepened. Deb’s nurturing service has brought immense healing, meaning, comfort, and power into my life. I am forever grateful.
Y.S., Lyons, CO