Presentations & Gatherings


Deb has a strong background in offering presentations in various settings, casual to professional. Combining inspirational content with academic research, her presentations are both informative and transformational. Presentations can be crafted as Powerpoints or less formal round-table discussions. Typically lasting 1-2 hours, our presentations allow time for group discussion and questions in addition to the delivery of content. Below is a sample list of topics we can offer for your group.

Presentations available:

  • The Rhythmic Connection Between Humans and Earth
  • Communication with Nature
  • Animal communication
  • What Does “You are Here” really mean? Nurturing a Sense of Place
  • Spirituality and Environmental Education
  • Writing an Inspired Academic Paper
  • Educating from a place of wildness
  • Ecological Identity and connection to place

Presentation fees vary based on time and location. Typically they run between $150 and $350 and may include additional travel fees. Groups are welcome to schedule a workshop and presentation in conjunction with each other. In this case, the fee will be addressed in the written proposal as described in the workshop section.

Ladybug Swarm


Occasional gatherings are held so we can come together and celebrate our spiritual connection with Earth.
Please check the Calendar for the updated schedule.